Building a custom home is a detailed process and many times we are approached with some recurring questions. We have listed them below for your convenience.


1. I have heard custom homes cost much more to build that buying a pre-built home from a large volume builder. Is this true?

On an apples to apples comparison, our custom home will be competitive with any builder around. That being said, we tailor each home price to the level of finish our client desires. We work with our clients before we begin construction to ensure we have built a budget that will allow the final product meet their expectations.

2. We want to build a new home but don’t know where to go next. Where should we start?

We recommend our clients select several plans from a home plan book or web site in order to give us a general idea of what type of house they are considering. We will prepare budget estimates based on these plans. From this point our clients either select a pre-designed plan, or we can arrange for you to work with a designer to customize your final plans.

3. We want to build a new home, but don’t have a lot or land. Can you help us?

We can help you select a location depending on your needs. The Coastal Empire is unique in that large and small acreage as well as many subdivision lots are available around the area. We will work to find the perfect setting for your new home.

4. How often will I have access to the home during the building process?

We were surprised the first time we heard this question, then shocked when we began to hear it again and again, as many builders have begun regulating when you can access your own home. At Long Builders you are always welcome on the job site. It is your home and we need your input to make it everything you want it to be.

5. Do you offer any interior design services?

We can recommend some great designers who we have worked with in the past that can assist you. We also have a great team of subcontractors knowledgeable in all different types of finishes that can provide you with a wealth of information to help you choose.

6. Do you build add-ons to homes, even if it's not a Long Builder built home?

Yes, we welcome the opportunity to learn about your new dream!

If you have a question for us please feel free to email us.